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Rishikesh Rafting

Nothing beats the excitement of being tossed and turned around on a raft wondering when you will be thrown into the river. Go rafting in Rishikesh to get a first-hand and ‘unforgettable’ experience. Various people comes from delhi to Rishikesh for this rafting adventure vacations.

Keep your feet firmly in the foot lock, lean forward and plant your paddle ahead of you — various rafting master Gurung’s voice seemed to come from another world as the roiling waves caught the raft and spun it around. People began to paddle faster and faster to meet the crashing waves of Roller Coaster. The waves lifted our raft almost vertically and then sent it down in a spin. You bumped over the smaller waves and finally straightened out. Your paddles went helter skelter and if it was not for the expert rowing of Gurung, your raft would have surely overturned. Then suddenly it was all over, and you were skimming across placid water, laughing over your fears and faults.

Earlier in the day, people set off from Haridwar, driving past Rishikesh, to take the uphill road that goes to Devprayag, where the Bhagirathi river (flowing downwards from Gaumukh-Gangotri) joins the combined streams of Alaknanda and Mandakini (flowing from Rudraprayag) to form the Ganga. Soon after Rishikesh, the scenery changed to a lightly forested hillside. You would often catch a glimpse of the turquoise waters of the Ganga flowing quietly past pebbled or sandy banks; sometimes, a hidden boulder would show up, at times, a sudden narrowing of the channel would throw the water into a fury — its surface flecked with foam and froth. Flowing through a range of terrains, the Himalayan rivers offer a mixed bag of variously graded whitewaters. The stretch between Devprayag and Rishikesh provides an interesting course for amateur paddlers.

Upon reaching Rishikesh, you drew up at the Ganga Nature Camp or you can say Rishikesh Rafting Camps (four km ahead of Shivpuri village) run by Garhwal Himalayan Explorations. The tent colony was located in a hollow among the towering mountains. From here, you drove down to the riverfront. Since you were booked only for a day of rafting, you can return to Rishikesh would also be via the river. Those who start higher up along the river stay at riverside camps for the night and then continue their river ride the next day.

While the colourful rafts were being readied through protective gear — life jackets (that would help us stay afloat in case we fell out of the raft) and helmets. This was followed by a 15-minute safety talk that introduced us to the basic do’s and don’ts of river rafting, especially why not to panic if any one of us fell out of the raft or if it overturned. Here are we also give you some tips on how we could help a fellow rafter who had fallen overboard.

Rishikesh Water Rafting or river rafting in rishikesh is one of the best adventure whitewater rafting vacations in india. If you want Rishikesh Travel and going for the Rishikesh Rafting just keep in mind below mention information.

Rishikesh Rafting Information

  • The minimum age for rafting in India is 14 years. A 12-year-old child can be allowed on certain stretches, but this depends entirely on the discretion of the river guide and the water levels at the time of rafting.

  • The rafting season usually closes in end Aprilearly May although the camps are open till end June, depending on the arrival of the monsoon 

  • It is necessary to check the credentials of the rafting agency because safety and ability to handle emergency situations are important 

  • Haridwar is well connected by road and rail with Delhi (215 km). The nearest airport is Jolly Grant (25 km). Rishikesh is about 25 km from Haridwar. Essentially pilgrim towns, Haridwar and Rishikesh offer good mid-budget hotels and a few luxury hotels and resorts.

  • Depending on the season, the arati at Haridwar’s Har-ki-Pauri ghat usually takes place around 6 pm or 7 pm. Do visit early for a place.
  • Sample milk-based sweets like peda and rabri in Haridwar. Also, the frothy lassi is worth dying for. In Rishikesh, do visit the old Chotiwala restaurant for lunch of poori and chhole.

  • A trip to Haridwar can be combined with a visit to the Rajaji National Park

Miscellaneous : All packages include cost of gear (raft, paddles, life jackets) and the services of a raft master. Depending on the type of package, accommodation and meals are provided. Rafting gear can also be bought or hired from accredited agencies and adventure sports club, but only a few exist in India
Cost: Rs 600 approx; Rs 1,500 (with one-night stay). Rates can go up to Rs 5,000 (per head) for an AC tent

Popular Rafting Locations in India

Rishikesh : The 36-km stretch from Kaudilya to Rishikesh has 12 major rapids
Ladakh : One of the best stretches is on the River Indus between Spituk and Saspol
Himachal : Chandrabhaga in Lahaul, Sutlej near Shimla, Ravi near Chamba and Beas near Kullu offer immense white water rafting possibilities
Sikkim : The Teesta river has a series of white water rapids.