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One place which reminds us of sun, sand, beach and a great weather is Goa. It is the place which every Indian and almost every world citizen wants to travel to Goa.

The uniqueness of the place coupled with a huge Portuguese influence makes it a must for every one to pay a visit to this wonderful location. Goa, Daman and Diu Official Language Act makes Konkani in the Devanagari script the only official language of the state, but also provides that Marathi may also be used for any other official purposes. Tourism is mostly focused on the coastal areas of Goa and the inland tourist activities are decreasing with the passage of time. More than three million tourists visit Goa every year of which almost half a million are the travelers from out side of India. With over 450 years rule of the Portuguese as well as the consequential influence of the Portuguese culture, the Goa state presents a very different picture to any foreign visitor than other part of the country. Famous for its admirable beaches, churches, temples, and flea markets, Goa is undoubtedly the most visited destination in India. The very famous Fort Aguada, Bom Jesus Cathedral, and a new wax museum based on the Indian culture, history, and heritage in the Old Goa part are the major tourism destinations

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